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Offline APT Package Manager

apt-offline – An Offline Package Manager

(C) 2005 - 2022 Ritesh Raj Sarraf


apt-offline is an offline package management tool written in the Python Programming Language. This program, as of now, is intended for people using Debian (And Debian based) systems.

It can help you install/upgrade packages, and their dependencies, on a Debian box with no direct internet connection. It can also download full bug report (Debian only) for those packages.

For Developers, it can help you download a source deb package, along with all its build dependencies.

This program allows leveraging the power of Debian (more precisely APT) onto a completely disconnected machine. Most people with slow or no internet connection (mostly people from 3rd world countries), may not have considered using Debian (or Debian derived distributions), because Debian’s real taste is experienced when it is connected to the internet.

This utility is an attempt in making that problem eradicate. I hope this utility comes of use to you. I’d be eager to hear your comments/suggestions. Feel free to drop an email at rrs AT researchut DOT com


This software is dedicated in memory of my father Santosh Kumar Sarraf. We miss you a lot.